Cellular & Pleated Shades

Slim, Insulating and SMART!

Want to maximize your view? Looking for a break on your electric bill? Want to make a smart investment in your home? Cellular shades are a perfect option for you!

  • UV Protection for Your Furnishings
  • Sheer, Light Filtering or Room Darkening
  • Custom Valances and Cornices
  • Motorized – Battery Operated, Rechargeable, Hard Wired
  • Cordless is Available
  • Lightweight – perfect for large windows
  • Lower your energy bills
  • Beautiful colors
  • Gorgeous textures
  • On-trend styles


Cellular shades offer features NO other window treatment offers –

1. Smallest stacking space of any window treatment – Cellular shades ‘practically disappear’ and rarely draw any attention to themselves. Perfect when you want to enjoy looking at your view, not your window treatments.

2. Best insulation ever – Cellular shades provide the highest level of insulation of any type of window treatment. Keep cool air inside during the warm summer months and helps keep your AC bill in check. In the winter, they keep the warm air in. The unique cellular design, also called “honeycomb”, forms pockets of air that helps insulate windows from heat and cold to make your home more comfortable year-round.

3. So SMART – it’s easy to add motorized cellular shades to an existing home automation system. Or set one up. Motorizing your window treatments (and home) is where today’s advancements are going. Don’t be left behind or regret NOT motorizing your shades. In a few short years you’ll wish you had.

4. So many options – Cellular shades offer a variety of control options for easy lifting of large or hard to reach shades. You can choose blackout cellular shades for maximum light control (great for bedrooms or media rooms) or a light filtering shade that softly lets the light in, while still maintaining privacy.

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