Why Our Clients Love Us

There are many reasons why The Shadey Ladies has been Southern California’s most trusted name in window coverings for the past 38 years. Below I’ve listed just a few of the reasons our customers rely on us:


With 1000’s of brand name, top quality products to choose from, our customers rely on us to provide top-notch products in proven combinations.

With a vast selection of custom shades, blinds, fabric treatments, shutters, bedding products and more, we believe in letting our customers experience and know the possibilities that are available to them. This way, they’re not only excited, but also comfortable with they’re window treatment selections.

Decades of Experience:

Our customers have trusted our guidance and appreciated our expertise in window coverings for nearly 4 decades! That’s right! We’re proud to say that even our “newest” team members have more than a decade of experience. With our designers and installation team, you can rest comfortably, knowing your window treatments will be designed, fabricated and installed properly for long-lasting beauty and function.

Modern Style and Traditional Service:

You receive the trending styles, products, and options available to you in the window coverings industry. You can take comfort in the fact that we combine the best of what’s old and new: Style-wise, we’re on top of current trends, but we still offer the ‘old school’ style of traditional customer service that has earned us our reputation. At The Shadey Ladies, fine window coverings aren’t just our business, it’s our craft.

Experienced Friendly Installers:

Our installers aren’t temporary, here today, gone tomorrow workers, but long-term partners. You can feel comfortable knowing they have worked in the business for years and years to come… even “growing up in the business” at “his father’s knee”. With our extensive requirements, rest assured that they will install your projects correctly, safely and with the utmost care.

Competitive Pricing:

At The Shadey Ladies, we focus on giving our customers great VALUE. We define value as a unique combination of quality products, excellent service and competitive pricing. None of our competitors provide the same quality products and full service, at our prices. Whatever your budget happens to be, we can provide a fantastic window treatment that you will just fall in love with.

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