I’ve always been a big fan of Valentine’s day, hearts and especially the meaning behind it all…love.

I thought the story below was a sweet reminder… that even small traditions celebrating love can carry through an entire lifetime…

“Our daughters are now 20 & 25. We have always done something with/for them on Valentines Day, even if it is just the card & candy.

When our oldest went off to school, 5 hours away, we sent care packages of her favorite stuff and of course something heart/love related. Some of it was silly, some practical, pencils with hearts I think.

We have still continued this “practice”! She’s now in med school and has her own apt, but loved getting her box all decorated!

Her younger sister, a college sophomore, gets them too. This year she was home for the weekend, but purpousy waited until the 14th to open her decorated box because …….”it’s just not Valentine’s Day yet, Mom.”

Some things are meant to be permanently shared.

Love is one of the greatest things we can give each other! It shouldn’t take a “Hallmark holiday” to do so, but I take advantage of it every single year!!!”

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