There are sooo many articles out there about choosing the right interior designer for you. And so many designers to choose from! I thought this was a very informative article on finding one that will provide you with not only a gorgeous room/home/office… but also someone that you’ll enjoy working with…. and may even develop into a valued friendship over the years… as I have with many of my clients.

It occurred to me that few people really understood what it was I did. Now I know the term ‘interior designer’ gets thrown around more than a cat toy, thanks to shows like HGTV, the internet, and of course, every furniture store in town now offers them up as a ‘free gift with purchase.’ So what do you do when you’re ready to revamp your home, (you’re hitting overwhelm) and you’re completely unsure of where to start? Think about hiring an interior designer. If you need recommendations in your area, contact us – we have a bevy of awesome friends nationwide!

Ok let’s get started!

1) Get Organized

2) Interview at least three people.

3) I have three people in mind, now what?

4) Once you have decided on a designer, these are 9 common questions your designer will ask you to get started, so be prepared to answer:

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