About Me

Hello, my name is Barbara Deckmeyer. As the owner of The Shadey Ladies, I’ve been helping clients beautify spaces since 1989. Whether it’s your home, office or RV (yes! I renovate RV’s and motorhomes too)! 

I LOVE traveling around the country to work on window treatment projects, as well as speaking at live events, conferences, networking meetings, seminars, etc.

When I’m not working with clients, I enjoy glamping, renovating RV’s, dark chocolate almonds, beach volleyball, digital scrap-booking and online marketing. I have a tuxedo cat named ‘Sweetie’. I am enamored by my new favorite beverage Salted Caramel Tea (Bigelow). 

Lately, I’ve enjoyed meeting lots of new friends on Instagram… stop by and say hello!

Meet the Team

Barbara Deckmeyer
Creative Director, Interior Designer

Owner, Interior Designer, Window Treatment Specialist, Speaker. Barbara’s goal is to provide you with a gorgeous product that enhances your environment, doesn’t compromise your view, and makes your life more pleasing.

Matt Boone
Lead Installer

Having learned the business from his father’s knee, Matt has impressive credentials when it comes to installations and window treatments. Polite and a wealth of knowledge, our clients just love having Matt take good care of them and their window treatments.






Tuxedo Cat Extraordinaire

Sweetie spends her days sleeping, and waiting for Barbara to be free so she can pet her and feed her and scratch her belly.

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