Client Case Study: North Laguna Beach Cottage

Property Details:

  • Laguna Beach Cottage – 2 bedroom/2 bath
  • Lovely views through rear patio doors, lush landscaping, screened porch
  • Major remodel 2 years prior – kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and other areas


After an extensive remodel, the clients felt they needed help with their Guest Bedroom. They wanted to make it more comfortable for their grown kids and grand kids. They needed to be able to sleep, nap and enjoy the room during their stay.

Project Assessment by The Shadey Ladies:

  • The Guest Bedroom was adorable. Painted wood floors in a soft turquoise blue. A winter white trundle bed and matching bookshelf. French doors open into the room.
  • The trundle bed when closed, is the perfect size for the room, and opens to a larger bed for Mom, Dad and new baby when visiting.
  • The room was hot and very bright in the afternoon. Desperate, the parents tacked heavy blankets over the window and the french doors to see if the baby would sleep.
  • We need help –
    • It’s too bright!
    • It’s so hot in the afternoons!
    • Can you do anything to muffle the sound so the baby sleeps longer?

The Results:

A fabric laminated roller shade, that was room darkening, was mounted inside the window opening to help keep the room darker and cooler on those warm sunny afternoons.

A roman shade, in a lovely cotton pin stripe, was installed over the roller shade. This provided the flexibility to enjoy the natural light in the room when it wasn’t so hot, or when there were no grand babies needing an afternoon nap. The shade also brought color and pattern over to that side of the room.

A softly gathered drapery with iron rod and rings provided privacy and sound control over the french doors.

A robin’s egg blue embroidered linen was selected for the coverlet and pillow shams for the trundle bed.

And finally, great grandmother’s white wicker rocking chair, received a soft cushion out of a sunflower yellow embroidered cotton.

Client Testimonial:

“We are absolutely delighted at how our Guest Bedroom turned out.”

BD & Shors“Before working with Barbara at The Shadey Ladies our Guest Bedroom really needed some help. 

Our kids and grand baby would come down for a visit and the room was so hot and so bright the baby wouldn’t nap. It was uncomfortable for them and we were all very tired. 

After working with Barbara, the room is now so lovely and peaceful. It can be dark and cool for afternoon naps or bright and breezy at other times. Now the baby sleeps well and so do the rest of us!

Whenever I walk by the room, I want to go in and relax and enjoy the room. We really love it so much and are very happy with our investment and the way the everything turned out. We really enjoyed working with Barbara. She’s pleasant, and knowledgeable and knows what she’s doing.”


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